Monday, 27 July 2015

Crochet elephant

After crocheting booties for my best friends baby, and a blanket that I forgot to take photos of, I was still on the crochet buzz and had been seeing heaps of cute crochet animals. After trawling through pinterest for inspiration I decided to crochet a cute little elephant.

I freestyled it, adjusting it as I went, and at one point taking it all apart and starting again when I felt it was not the right shape. I started at the trunk with about five stitches in the round, and simply increased and decreased as I went, over the head, the body and right through to the tail. As the tail was closing it off, I had to stuff him as I went as well. I just stuffed him with the innards of an old pillow I no longer needed.

The legs and ears were made separately and sewn on. And as a final touch I embroidered on some eyes using black and white yarn, and pulled some of the gray yarn through the trunk firmly to give it a cute little tilt and bend.

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