Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Yarn Made From Old Jeans

So I had some old jeans that had served me well but were getting holes in the crotch. I was about to throw them in the bin but couldn't help feeling it was such a waste of jeany goodness. So I thought I could attempt turning them into yarn. I'd seen tutorials for similar things to be done with old t-shirts (T-shirt yarn tutorial) so I figured why not? (My jeans were stretchy and quite thin though, I'm not sure how well this would work on a tougher jean)

The first step was to lay out a leg of the jeans. I did it so I would be cutting towards the seam. You need to cut even strips toward the seam, stopping about 1cm from the end. Do this all the way down the leg.

Opening it out along the seam it will ook like this, and the next step is to cut diagonally from the outer edge to the the beginning of the cut on one side, as I've done in the photo.

Then cut diagonally from the end of the cut you've just cut into on the previous step, to the beginning of the next cut. Keep cutting diagonally from one cut to the next, and your jeans fabric should be falling beside you in one long stream. Repeat on the other leg, then sew the ends of the two streams together.

The jean fabric didn't curl up like t-shirt fabric does so I twisted it as i rolled it into a ball, I think this will make anything I knit look tidier. I'm thinking the strong fabric might lend itself to a knitted handbag. I've got some worries about knitting with the chunky seams, I'll let you know how it goes.
Happy crafting!  :)

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