Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Knitted Owl Cushion Cover

The knitting side of this project has been finished for a long time, and I have just recently found the inclination to finish it, which was to sew and stuff an inner, and sew the knitted cover around it. I have found that the addition of an inner lining made out of a non-stretchy material (rather than simply stuffing the knitted cover directly) is essential, or the pillow stretches and refuses to stay "cushion-shaped".

I used the following pattern for my cushion cover which is simply a drawing I did on plain grid paper, and then used the grid to create the pattern. Each square on the paper corresponds to 4 stitches, as can be seen fron the way the pattern is staggered. I then only had to choose my colours and pay close attention to the pattern as I went.

 So here is the completed project from the front. I chose colours that I hoped would suit the seating area I planned to put it. I also went over it afterwards with a darning needle and some black wool, giving it an outline.

I decided to do a striped back in the same colours. I rather like it.

And this is the side. I sewed it up by hand, and the stitches were really handy in making sure I was sewing in a neat, straight line, I only needed to follow the knitting.

Here is the cushion in its new home. I think it suits the curtains and vases, but I may have to do something about that other cushion, it's cramping my new cushion's style ;)

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