Sunday, 17 February 2013

Bird and Foliage Embroidery

I've got soo many projects on the go and can't seem to stick to one, but I've been itching to post, so I thought I'd share my progress on one of them. I've never really done embroidery in the style I'm doing it, although I did some cross-stitch when I was younger.
Anyway, all I did was draw straight onto the fabric with pencil a design I liked - a bird sitting on a cherry tree branch (inspired by the cherry tree in my garden) - and have been stitching according to that sketch. I'm sort of making it up as I go. This all white, but I'm already pondering the possibilities of realistic stitchings of birds with all their natural colours. Could be wonderful methinks.
Well here is the half finished piece. I'm a bit proud really :)
The idea right now is to make it into a cushion.

More and better pictures to follow when I'm finished.

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