Thursday, 8 March 2012

Knitted Kindle Cover

I received a Kindle (e-reader that's easy on your eyes and generally wonderful) for Christmas and decided I definitely needed a case. Although it's fairly easy to find cases to buy, handmade and homemade is always preferable for me. 
I had this stripey yarn that someone had given me which I really liked for the rustic sort of look and feel of it, but wasn't enough to make anything substantial out of, so it was perfect for this. I simply knitted a long rectangle that folded over to just cover the Kindle nicely. 
Then I sewed on two rectangles of soft white fabric to make a nice inner (as you can see in the inside-out view in the last photo). I folded the edges of the fabric under so it looks pretty and won't fray.
All there was left to do was to fold it together and sew it all together into a nice little pocket. It would probably be nice to put a little loop and button on the open end, but the Kindle hasn't seemed to want to slip out yet.

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