Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Comfy Beanie

I knit beanies like nobody's business, particularly as my careless boyfriend is always losing the ones I make him. Anywho, I found this soft blue wool at my local craft store, and it was marked down (an important aspect for a poor, lowly student like me) and thought what a warm delicious hat it would make. Here are the results:

The red one is one of the first beanies I ever made and I still love it because it's bright and loose. I love making beanies because the take only a day or two to make and require little concentration. Also I can be as free as I want with cabling and what not. Basically all it takes is to cast on around 100 stitches, 110 if you're looking for a looser fit. Cabling makes them tighter. Once the knitting reaches around 15 to 20cm you simply begin to decrease to around 11 stitches and pull them together. Then sew it into a magnificent beanie. They make good makeshift and yet personal gifts.

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