Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Knitted Cushion

I'm desperately in need of some cushions for my couch and as we recently got new pillow inners for our bed I thought I could use the old ones for cushions. Knitting a cushion cover is super easy, it's as simple as casting on enough stitches to cover the width of the cushion (I'm halving the pillow inners), deciding on a simple pattern, (I did some cabling, but a plain knit would look equally lovely and homey) and knitting until it can fold over and fit the inner. Sew together two sides, so it's a pocket, slip in the inner, and sew it in. Easy peasy. It's pretty quick and satisfying.

I doubled the wool to give a chunkier knit, and I also ran out of yarn so I just made the front, and sewed it onto a cushion cover I made out of fabric. I also intend to make many more, and shall post when I do. :)  So here's the steps in photographic form:

1. Cut up the pillow inner into the size you want.

2. Sew up the fabric to cover the cushion, into a pocket, leaving a strip unsown (I used the fabric that was on the inner as a lining, and to show me how big to make it)

3. Turn inside out and stuff with pillow inner piece.

4. Hand sew up the opening carefully.

5. Pin the knitted front onto the cushion, stitch on carefully.

6. Have a super-duper enjoyable time with your new cushion. I had a photo-shoot to celebrate :)

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