Monday, 3 September 2012

Inspiration from my garden

The weather is paying attention to the seasons and today is a beautiful sunny and crisp spring day. I haven't been in the garden most of the winter (except for some half-hearted hoeing) so today I got stuck in. It's the first time I've had a garden of my own and it's great to see some of the fruits of my labour come into play. Not to mention, Mother Nature has been out there doing some work of her own. Anyway, here's some inspirational (I think) pictures. I'd be doing some watercolours from such inspiration if I didn't have stupid university work to do :(

Our cherry tree is blossoming!

We have a beautiful bushy lemon tree with loads of tiny wee lemons on it. They're good to look at and dynamite in my cooking.

This the new sprouting of my pumpkin seed, that I got from a pumpkin I used for soup and dried out. I had almost given up on it sprouting, then one day I looked and there she was. Seeing a new plant sprout is as wonderful today as it was when we grew beans in primary school.

My cabbages are growing like crazy. Can't wait to eat them.

I bought a whole bunch of snow peas and only one has survived. But that one is rather lovely.

And finally some other general greeny goodness.

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