Wednesday, 18 December 2013

No sew sheet yarn

Sheets that are ripped or have a localised stain become unusable on beds but are ideal for making sturdy yarn.

Firstly, the hems need to be unpicked or ripped off so that all the edges look like this:

Next, cut slits into one edge, about an inch apart (or whatever size suits your project).

Pull on a tab will create a rip that can be continued for the entire length. By ripping rather than cutting it the strips will be an even width.

Each strip will look like this:

There will be some loose threads that must be separated from the strip so that it looks clean, like this:

And you'll end up with leftover thread like this:

To join the strips first make a hole in each end, about 2cm in length:

Thread one end through the other:

Fold the end that had been threaded through back onto itself:

And thread the strip through the hole on its end:

Pull it all the way through:

And pull it tight:

Repeat over and over, adding all the strips and then roll them into a ball:

Using inch thick strips I knitted it together with 6mm needles, this was a bit tricky but made a nice thick knit:

Happy knitting!  :)

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